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The Better Grades Bootcamp
How you can help your teen become a Better, Faster and Smarter Learner by unlocking their true potential!
Ready to help your Teen 
get Better Grades, Less Stress, and More free time?

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Let me ask you a few questions ... 
  •  Is you child getting the grades they want?
  •  Are they feeling the pressure of juggling exams, assignments and social life? 
  •  Is procrastination or lack of motivation an issue for them? 
  •  Do they ever feel stressed, anxious or depressed about school or university?
And how are they coping? Are they spending hours at their desk, but not getting the grades that reflect the actual effort they put in? 

As a parent, it's hard to watch.
What If there was a Better Way?
What if your teen could?
  •  Have access to all the learning hacks they need so they know which study techniques actually work for them?
  • Develop lasting skills that they can use over and over again, at any time during their life?
  •  Tap into a proven system which shows them how to optimise their learning, and importantly, how to unlearn bad learning habits?
  •  Reduce their stress so they'll look back on this time of their life like it was actually fun?
  •  Get better results without having to spend more time studying? 
  •  Be more motivated and actually feel that they want to study and crush those exams? 
  •  Improve their memory so that they don't experience unforeseen 'blanks' when they need to recall something important?
  •  Manage their time so they were achieving more each day, but had more free time?
I am Dr Christine King

... and I have helped over 1000 students improve their learning and boost their grades. 

And I can help your teen, too.
Today I want to share with you my 4 Secrets to helping students like your teen take control over their own learning and education.

The 4 Secrets are the basis of my Better Grades Bootcamp Formula, based on 25 years of teaching and researching 'learning'.
SECRET #1: Every teen, including yours, can be an A grade Student
Most parents these days have read or heard about Professor Carol Dweck's two types of mindset - fixed and growth.  With a fixed mindset, a teen believes that their abilities and intelligence are fixed, and they can easily give up or avoid challenging situations if they believe they can't achieve something.  

A teen with a growth mindset however, believes that their intelligence and abilities will grow over time and they can change these if they put in time and effort. When faced with a challenge, they know they can become smarter if they try again, they just haven't achieved it yet!

Despite the research, external factors coming from the current education system and society in general, such as increased standardised testing, immediate gratification, praising intelligence, and awards for everything, are stopping our teens moving towards a growth mindset. 

All of these factors are pushing your teen away from a growth mindset towards a fixed one.

Your teen needs tools and techniques to move towards and maintain a growth mindset!   
SECRET #2: Your teen doesn't always need a tutor if they are struggling at school.
Did you know that your teen only recalls about 10% of what they learn in class - straight after.  Tutors then provide more one-on-one time with your teen focusing on one or two of their subjects - and they recall about 20% more in those subjects.  The focus of tutoring, like schools, is on course content.  Have you ever wondered why you are paying a tutor and a school to do the same thing? 
But - how well your teen does in an exam is dependent on so many other things - their confidence, motivation to learn, how well they recall information, manage their time, and cope with stress. The type of person they are also matters - how they prefer to learn, their personality, and their opinions of their abilities.  Then there are external factors like their teacher's style of teaching, exam room conditions, and their study environment. 

It's easy to see why focusing just on course content isn't particularly effective.

Your teen needs to learn 'how' to learn, not 'what' to learn!   
SECRET #3: Procrastination and lack of motivation are not causes of poor grades, they are a response to stress, overwhelm and limited time.
According to studies by the APA, teens are much more stressed compared to teens 30 years ago. Higher divorce rates, lack of sleep, and increased homework are key factors. Twice as many teens experience episodes of depression or anxiety, compared to 30 years ago. Current research shows that stress causes procrastination, and inhibits many other processes required for effective learning.
These statistics are particularly high for students in Australia and the US, where teens are suffering more exam anxiety than students in most other countries (OECD, 2017). A small amount of stress can be good, but large amounts of stress can cause chronic anxiety and depression, as well as a range of physical ailments.

Motivation is determined by goals. Over the generations, a shift from more personal, intrinsic goals, to more material, extrinsic goals, has left teens not only having less control over their goals, but also feeling they’re less likely to achieve them - and this lack of control correlate significantly with anxiety and depression. 

Dr Peter Grey’s hypothesis (Free to Learn, 2013) is that increases in extrinsic goals, anxiety, and depression are all caused largely by an increased emphasis on schooling and less time for free play and relaxation.

Put simply, stress and time management will help to reduce procrastination, anxiety and depression and increase motivation. 

To learn effectively, your teen needs to manage their time and stress effectively!   
SECRET #4: Child prodigies show high capacity in working memory and teens memory capacity is declining.
Researchers from Ohio State and Yale University have found that although child prodigies have moderately elevated levels of intelligence, their working memory scores are in the 99th percentile. The main tasks of our working memory are to memorise, store and recall information, as well as learn and make decisions.  Our working memory capacities are highly correlated with our intelligence.  However, it has also been found that self-made prodigies are extremely rare and most child prodigies have had a mentor and the learning tools and resources to improve their working memory and excel at learning.  

Harvard and Wisconsin University researchers have also found that our current generation of teens has a reduced memory capacity compared with previous generations, because of internet use.  In an interesting a series of tests, students were more likely to recall information if they believed it had been erased from a computer. Those who thought it was stored were even more forgetful, even if explicitly asked to keep the information in mind. 

The availability of the internet is changing the nature of what we remember, making us more likely to recall where the facts are rather than the facts themselves. 

Your teen needs to know ways to improve their working memory!   
The research is conclusive.

Today, our teens are seeing increased stress, reduced memory capabilities, less motivation, and more disengagement than our generation or our parents’ generation ever did.

The harsh truth is that we’re seeing less resilience. Less grit.

But this does not have to be the way —and I’m going to show you how.

You can help your Teen unlock their Inner Genius!
Better Grades Bootcamp is my 21-Day Online 'Learn to Learn' Program for Teens - a carefully designed system that creates a growth mindset environment, teaches your teen HOW to learn, while giving them more free time and less stress.  

It includes 10 foundation modules, strategically put together in a larger 21-day learning and well-being framework, that ensures you teen gets the results they're actually aiming for. Each day, they are sent activities to complete that make sure they finish each module in the most effective order.
With a commitment of  just 30 mins per day, they can be finished completely in 21 days.  And if they're busy or have a different way of learning, this program lets them learn at a pace that suits their needs. 
What they'll get
  • 10 modules that incrementally teach them how to improve their learning and get better grades
  •  Videos, activities, discussions, and downloads to provide a variety of learning
  •   Built-in motivation and inspiration tools to stop them procrastinating (yes, really!)
  •  Exercise, sleep, and nutrition challenges to encourage healthy habits
  •  An optional parent/peer/partner process for extra support
  •  Videos, activities, discussions, downloads to provide variety in learning
  •  Our 7-day 100% money back guarantee to eliminate any risk
Our program is designed to help your child get the grades and life they want, without adding further stress, workload, or tutor fees!
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 What's Included In Better Grades Bootcamp
1.  Membership Site:  Access to our 21-day Program with 10 foundation modules
2.  Live Group Coaching and 
Q & A Calls with Dr King
  •  Ten live zoom calls (one live call for each foundation module) with Dr king over the 21 days
  •  Support around module activities, study techniques, exam preparation and more!
  •  Watch replays of live zoom calls if you can't make them
3.   Daily Parent Updates
  •  Daily email updates on where your child is up to in the program
  •  Tips to help them in their daily task, if you want to
  •  Access to useful resources to help them succeed
4.   Better Grades Bootcamp Private Facebook Group
  •  Your child can share their learning journey with other students 
  •  Join in challenges, gain peer feedback, and feel part of a positive online learning community
  •  Regular posts, tips and comments by Dr King
  •  The group is fully monitored, and students agree to rules before joining
Special Launch Bonus #1
Enrol your child in the Better Grades Bootcamp during our launch and get access to our Boost you Body for Learning mini-course series. 
  •  Boost your Learning with exercise: Your child will find out how they can enhance their mind and body through exercise, and how this impacts on learning, grades and well-being.
  •  Boost your Learning with Food: Your child will be shown how they can enhance their memory and learning with food.  Includes our shake recipes to help in study and exam concentration.
  •  Boost you Learning with Sleep: You child will see interesting studies on the impact of sleep on learning and find out the best approach that will work for them.
Special Launch Bonus #2
Keep them motivated with our motivational message alerts.
  • 30 days of motivational and inspiring messages direct to their phone
  • Links to useful resources and videos
  • Connects your child to the BGB program while they're out and about
  • Reminders to stop procrastinating to keep them on track
There are only 20 spots available for our next Bootcamp - so get in Quick!
Our seven-day Money Back Guarantee
We are here to help your teen learn how to learn.  

So if you're worried that they won't like this program, or that it's not helping them, just get in touch with us within the first seven days and we'll give you a FULL refund. No questions.  

After all, our mission is to help your child succeed.
Sound good?
EVERYTHING you'll get when you purchase this amazing offer
  •  21-Day Program and Membership Site access ($997 Value)
  •  10 x live group zoom Foundation Module calls with Dr King (and replays) ($1375 Value)
  •  Daily parent updates and support hints ($47 Value)
  •  Access to the private Facebook group ($197 Value)
  •  BONUS: Boost your Body for Learning series ($87 Value)
  •  BONUS: 30 Days of Motivation with BGB Messenger ($105 Value)
This is a total value of $2,808
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $497
But act quickly. I can only help 20 students in this Bootcamp.  

It is very interactive and in the 21 days I only focus on these students.  This will be the best investment you make in your teen's education!

... and for a similar price to 7-8 hrs of tutoring in one subject!
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Dynamically Updated
The cost of not enrolling
You can't put a price on your child's mental health.

Compare this price to repeating a year, not getting into their first choice for uni, taking a year our of the workforce, paying for a tutor ... or just failing altogether.
Tutoring vs Learning to Learn
The Better Grades Bootcamp is based on helping your child LEARN to LEARN, while giving you the skills and knowledge to support their learning.
You have heard of the saying “Give a person a fish and you will feed them for a day, but teach them how to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime,” right?

Well … I am here to tell you that this is not actually true … what if there is no fish? What if fishing is banned? Having the skills to fish won’t feed you for a lifetime … BUT

What if you learnt how you learnt to fish? Then your would be able to deconstruct what you were learning, and work out how you apply this in a way that made sense to you.  And you could apply this knowledge to ANYTHING - not just fishing.

This is why I gave up tutoring in Maths or Physics or Chemistry and any subject related tutoring ... It just wasn't effective, sustainable, or translatable across all of their subjects.

Better Grades Bootcamp is.

I teach your child the key ingredients behind learning how to learn and how they can best optimise their learning, and learn their way ... 

AND … this is something that Schools don’t teach!

Better Grades Bootcamp addresses the complexity of studying and learning in the real world, so your grades actually reflect your capacity.
Frequently asked Questions
What's included in the Bootcamp fee?
The course fee includes a drip-fed 21-day course that incorporates 10 foundation modules plus other activities to optimise your teen's learning learning. These activities ensure your teen starts actively doing the things they need to do to improve their grades, and not just passively reading about them. They’ll get access to the Better Grades Bootcamp membership site, the private Facebook support group, and be able to join the live coaching sessions with Dr King. They’ll also become part of a community of like-minded students, for as long as they want.    
What's the Proven System?
Better Grades Bootcamp uses a specific formula to guide your teen through the optimal process for learning based on 25 years of Dr King's experience as a learning specialist. They’ll begin by working on mindset, then on understanding the learning cycle. They’ll create their own learning profile in terms of who they are as a learner and apply this knowledge to how they learn, so they can improve their memory, motivation, and time and stress management.
The modules are structured around the learning process, so your child will 'learn to learn' over the duration of the course, with optional activities so they can include a parent, peer, or partner, and get a teaching experience that consolidates their learning, and enhances their understanding and recall.  
What happens after I enrol my child?
After you enrol your child you’ll receive a series of emails up until the start date of the next Bootcamp. You’ll be able to create a username and password for your child's membership site so they can login whenever they want. They can then watch the introductory video and start preparing for the Bootcamp, and join the Better Grades Bootcamp private Facebook group and introduce themselves to the other members. It’s okay—they need your permission to join the group.
Do they have to do the Bootcamp in 21 Days?
While it’s recommended to complete the Bootcamp in 21 days, our aim is for them to learn at their own pace. Each module is carefully planned out as part of a 21-day process that’s been found to be optimal for getting better grades, and they can revisit the modules at any time. Your child will be drip-fed sections each day to ensure they follow this process—but it’s really up to them when they complete each one. Completing the course is the important part, not how long it takes.
How much time will it take my child each day?
The program is designed so that students can get through the activities in just 30 minutes each day. Some students spend more time - but this is the average. The live coaching calls are additional and provide extra support - but students do not have to participate in them to get results. Replays to the live coaching calls are uploaded into the membership site. Most students choose to take part in the coaching calls but if they can't make the time they watch the replays. 
How are you different to a Tutor?
I know that if you understand how you learn and the ways in which you can enhance this process yourself, you’ll improve your grades across all of your courses. I’ve got 25 years’ experience in facilitating and researching, and a PhD in Learning, and from my experience, I know that almost all of the reasons a student doesn’t obtain the grades they want stems from how they approach learning, and not about the amount of time they’re spending. 
So ditch the tutor, and help your child Unlock their Inner Genius!
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